Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Amazing mysteries

Amazing mysteries


Amazing mysteries of the World 

Unsolved mystery of the world: In the last 200 to 300 years, science has made progressive progress and has exposed many mysteries of the Universe but still there are unresolved questions in the Universe that science does not answer! Let's know 4 questions that will force you to think too!

Mystery #1 What is consciousness

We can understand the environment around us! We can question about our existence! Can think about your good bad! We can know what our purpose is! This is the consciousness! 

But now the question is where does consciousness come from? Our brain works like a computer! The brain controls the different functions of the body! In our brain, information is exchanged by electrical signals but brain and consciousness are not one but it is different! Consciousness only works when the brain stops working Near Death Experience is an example! How does consciousness arise and where does it come from? No one knows the answer!

Mystery #2  What is Outside the universe

This is an intriguing question. Many people believe that there is something beyond our Observable Universe universe that is in our universe! Many people also believe in Parallel Universe Theory! The question is, let us assume that unlike our Universe, Parallel Universe exists outside our universe and they all make Parallel Universe together to make Supervise! But what remains after all that ends? After all, how big is this universe! What is the outside of the universe?

 Mystery #3 What is Universe made Of

If I ask you what the universe is made of, then your answer will be that the universe is made of metha, which is made of Atom! Your answer is absolutely correct! But the Matter we know is only 5% in this universe! What we see on the earth are the elements made from Atom, see the planets and stars in the sky; all this is made only with 5% mater. What 95% of the rest is in this universe, we do not even know it yet! Scientists named this mater: Dark Matter & Dark Energy! It is not that scientists have detected dark matter and dark energy from scientific instruments, nor do scientists have only felt the effect of dark matter and dark energy! According to the scientists, Dark Matter keeps the stars in Galaxy together and Dark Energy is pushing away all Galxies from each other!

Mystery #4 How did Life on Earth

No one has ever answered the question that where did the first seed of life come from earth? It is believed that 4 billion years ago, due to the presence of some chemicals in water, the first seed of life was born! But is this theory true? Some people also believe that the first seed of life has come from somewhere else on earth by any meteorite! According to Panspermia Theory, the first seed of life had sprouted in space, which came to earth through any comment! Some people also believe that we are descendants of aliens! Now do all these theories about life make the right claim? We do not know because we have no scientific evidence about the first seed of life!

So, what do you think about the Unsolved mystery of the world?

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