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Life cycle of a star

Life cycle of a star

Life cycle of the star

Generally, the life cycle of the star is of two types and almost all the stars follow one of these two lifecycles. The scale of selection in these two life cycles is that mass of the star. Any star whose mass is like the equivalent of three solar masses (1  solar mass : the Sun's mass ) , it changes its life by converting from the main sequence ( red star to red star About 90 % of the stars are of this type. If a star is more mass than the three solar masses at the time of its birth, then it remains for a very short time in the main life sequence itsLife is very short. The more mass the younger the life and the more explosive death that gives birth to neutron star or Shyam Weaver .

Energy generation during the life span of the stars

In most part of their life , the main sequence stars produce energy through the process of hydrogenfusion. In this process two hydrogen atoms form an atom of the helium. Mass is due to the construction of energy that Hiliym atom two hydrogen atoms of the total mass a little bit less. This difference in both masses turns into energy This is the famous equation E = mc 2 of the power of Einstein where E = energy, m = mass and c = light speed. Our Sun is generating energy through this process. Hydrogen bomb Also use this process.
Down two in the given photo protons ( hydrogen Kendrak of consisting Dyuteriym ( hydrogen isotope of are constructed. One in the process Pajitron and a neutrino is also free. When a proton is bombarded on this deuterium nucleus, the helium-3 nucleus is produced , along with a photon-free form in the form of a gamma ray. After this, when the nucleus of the second- 3 is collapsed on a helium 3 nucleus, permanent and normal helium is formed and two protons are free. Created in all this processThe pajetron is converted into energy by collision with an electron and is released as a gamma ray ( photon The energy from the center of our Sun is distributed in the form of gamma rays .

Process of nucleus fusion in stars
Our sun is in this state only , it is related to the hardened sun and given below Sun else other wires As well as being caused by these stars of representatives Andhra stringent can be considered and we wiringwork pattern can understand about. Every second sun turns 5000  million tons of hydrogen into helium. In this process, every second is transformed into 50  million tons of mass energy. This energy equals energy of approximately 10 27  watt . Approximately 2 of us this energy on Earth 1 000 000 000  (2  billion or receive x 10 18  watt energy. This energy is enough to keep 100  normal bulbs burning for 5 million years . It is more than human history.

Main sequence star death

In about 10  billion years , the star of a main sequence converts its 10 hydrogen to helium. It seems that Tara can continue the process of hydrogen fusion for the next 90 billion years, but this is not true.Note that there is excessive pressure in the center of the star and by this pressure the fusion process begins, but in a certain amount Large The pressure means greater the temperature. Hydrogen is also outside the center but there is not much pressure on the fusion to start.
Now the center of the helium starts shrinking and the outer fold starts to spread cold it flows in red. The size of the star is enlarged. In this state, it can swallow all its planets. Now star red giant (red gaint) is called. Now the movement of the halyum fusion starts at the center because the nucleus is compressing which will increase the pressure and temperature from it. This temperature becomes so high that the helium fusion process begins to form heavy elements. This time Hiliym core surface hydrogen is also fusion because Hiliym core surface hydrogenThe temperature for fusion becomes. But due to low temperature outside this surface, fusion is not possible. In this situation star next 100 000,000  years can be.

Mira (Meera Red Gaint) Red Monster
After so much time has passed, most of the substance of the red monster is made of carbon. It is composed of carbon helium fusion process. The next fusion will be converted from carbon to iron But there is not enough pressure in the center of the star so that the process can start. There is no pressure in the outside direction so that the center gets compressed and starts shock wave from the center of the stroke. In this, the outer space of the star spreads into space it creates planetary filtration. The remaining center white dwarf dwarf star (white dwarf) is called. The center net carbon coal is composed of And there is so much energy left in it that it shines in bright white color. Its mass is also low because its outer outer space has been thrown into space. In this situation if the planets of that star are also pushed away if they are saved from the star by the star in the form of a red demon, then.
White Dwarf dwarf stars
White dwarf star's destined to this situation in millions of Arabs is to wander by. Slowly it keeps going cold. Finally, it reaches the size of the Earth (8000 km diameter Its density is very high , the material equal to the box of a match box will hold more than an elephant Its maximum mass can be 1.4  ( Chandrasekhar Boundary ) times more than the solar mass . After cooling a black dwarf (black dwarf) as a pile of coal remains adrift in space indefinitely as a. There can also be huge diamonds in this pile of coal.

Big star death

The big star from the Sun will be faster than the Sun main sequence stars This is because that would narrow as fast centroid The more mass which hydrogen would be more speed fusion.
Almost 100 150 millions years on main sequence 10 billion for the stars of the year is a massive change in the core of the star's core carbon and a giant red demon (gignatic red gaint) changes in. The star making the figure of shoulder in the constellation of deer is in this state. It is red in so that spread its outer bottom and it needs more energy for heating but produces energy by down is not. Because of this, he is getting cold and the glow has turned red. Notice that blue stars are the hottest and red at the lowest.
In this situation , the difference between the stars of main sequence and the big star is that there is a reasonable pressure to convert carbon into iron in a large star, which is not in the main sequence star.But this fusion takes energy instead of giving energy. By which there is a loss of energy now the pressure of the outside and the balance of the gravitational side of the inside ends. Finally gravity invictory is the star center is shrink with a terrific explosion the explosion supernova is called. On July 4, 1054, a supernova explosion was showing for 23 days in the afternoon. Remains of this supernova Cancer survived as Nihariqa .

Cancer Nihirica Remains of Supernova Explosion )
After this the life of these stars is divided into two ways If the spectrum of the stars is less than 9 solar masses, but  more than 1.4 solar masses, then it turns into a neutron star . He makes big stars white Weaver 's turn on (black hole) whose gravity limitless is that opt not escape light.

Dwarf (Vamana) star death

The Sun is the star of a main sequence but it also comes in the range of pigeon stars. In this article, small stars from the sun have been called dwarf (Vaman) stars.
In the dwarf stars , only the red dwarf stars are active in which hydrogen fusion is in progress. Other dwarf stars type brown white and black , which are dead. Red dwarf the size of 1/3 of the mass of the sun  half of  the brightness and 1 / L00  1 000 , 000  varies between. Praksima Sentari , star of the nearest to the sun is a red dwarf with a size 1/5 of the sun  is. If he kept the place of the sun that shine the sun on the Earth 1 / L0  of the pulse as The Sun as it shines on Pluto .
Praksima red dwarf star - Red Dwarf) The Cmkila red star in the center
Red dwarfs fuse their hydrogen slowly due to their small size and can survive for hundreds of millions of years .
When these stars are dead they simply vanish would be would they not have pressure to Hiliym fusion.These will gradually merge into the space extinguished.

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