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What Is Beyond The Observable Universe

What Is Beyond The Observable Universe

The most unresolved question in Cosmology is that what is the outcome of the Observable Universe? Before envisioning the Observable Universe, it is important to know that what is Observable Universe?
Observable Universe is the area we can measure and we can not measure the area outside! It is a spherical area whose mater can be observed from Earth and there are approximately 2 trillion sky gardens in this area!
It is believed that the Observable Universe was born 13.7 billion years ago because the universe has not been detected since the 13.7 billion years old light! But it is also believed that light may exist outside the Observable Universe but that light has not yet travelled to our planet!

Now the question is what is outside the Observable Universe? Here, 4 will know the concepts that tell what can happen outside the Observable Universe? Let's know! What is Beyond The Observable Universe:

The Same Thing

The same thing So far, the astronomers have not been able to detect the boundaries of the universe, so that they know that there is no end to the universe where the universe ends! Because of this, it may be that there are things outside the Observable Universe that are in Observable Universe such as planets, stars, galaxies etc. But the theory is still confusing because in this way the universe would have spread like this in the same way that no end will be there!
According to this theory, astronomers believe that there will be repetition like the Universe outside the Observable Universe, and there is a strong possibility that there will be a planet like the life on which life will exist and the repetition of the universe will be endless!
This theory is almost like the parallel universe! Many people believe that the universe is a big loop which is growing up like a balloon! Astronomers believe that the loop is so big that its curvature cannot be detected, due to which Observable Universe looks flat! Even the Universe is a big loop that is growing bigger and the question is, what is this big loop spreading in?  

A Giant Black Hole
It is a fun theory that the concepts given about the birth of the Universe are that of Big Bang Theory! According to Big Bang Theory 14 billion years ago, the entire universe came into existence from the explosion of an infinite density point, but the Big Bang theory did not even answer all the questions about the existence of the universe, what was before the Big Bang? And where did that point of infinity density come from? But A Giant Black Hole Theory answers to some of the questions raised on Big Bang Theory!
According to this theory, there was something even before Big bang and that was another Universe that came into a black hole and crumbled up to the singularity level and that singularity which can speak the point of infinite density, the point of this infinite density to the scientists Named after the SEED OF A NEW UNIVERSE! This SEED exploded and became a new universe! According to this theory, our universe can be inside a big black hole! Well, there is no solid evidence to support this theory! According to this theory, there can be a new Universe inside every black hole in the universe!

Dark Flow

According to a recent find, there is a Mysterious Force outside the Observable UNIVERSE, which is pulling Galactic Clusters on a very high speed! Scientists have named this mysterious force: Dark Flow means drift to the dark side!
Prior to this discovery, astronomers believed that the universe was spreading in a similar way, but the discovery of the Dark Flow questioned the concept of spreading at a uniform rate of the universe because Galactic Clusters was at a much faster pace than 1000 KM / S A special part of the universe is flowing away! It is believed that there is a huge structure outside the Observable UNIVERSE, due to its gravity, the galactic cluster is going to drag in a particular part of the universe! Now the question is, what can be that big structure? Because Observable cannot be seen outside the UNIVERSE!
It was agreed that there is a huge black hole outside the Observable UNIVERSE which is pulling clusters aside but NASA does not agree with this. NASA says that if there was a black hole there, the speed of the clusters increases. But that is not happening! Professor Richard Hallman of Carnegie University believes that this dark flow can be beyond observable Universe due to the poll of another universe! He believes that there is another universe outside the observable UNIVERSE!  
The Multiverse
Multiverse theory is almost like the first theory! According to this theory, more Universe is present outside the same observable UNIVERSE like our Universe! According to this theory, since the end point of our Universe, a new Universe starts! These are like parallel UNIVERSE bubbles! Our Cosmic Vision is limited due to the speed of light, due to which we can not see beyond 14 billion light years! Some people believe that going to the black hole can be reached in a new universe!
Friends, as we know that the universe is spreading but what is it spreading in? And is there any such

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