Tuesday, September 25, 2018

What if earth lost oxygen for 1 Minute

What if earth lost oxygen for 1 Minute

Have you ever wondered what if the earth's oxygen is lost for only 1 minute (earth lost oxygen)? It will not be so, but Imagin, what will happen if all the earth's oxygen disappears for just 1 minute? Let's know!

As soon as oxygen is over, we all will feel suffocated! Our brain will stop working! This will happen because all the cells in our body need oxygen to survive! Even though we have our breath disease for 1 minute but still our body will not be able to withstand the lack of oxygen for 1 minute!

If the oxygen ends, then the ozone layer will also end, due to which the solar radiation will increase on Earth and due to solar radiation our skin will start burning!

If the oxygen is not there then the sky will appear black in the daytime and the darkness will start fading on the earth! This will be because the particles in the Atmosphere that will be present will disperse the Blue Light!

At the end of the oxygen, 21 per cent pressure will be reduced, due to which the head will start pain and the chances of getting blood from the ear will increase!

If no oxygen is there then no fuel will be able to burn, due to which aeroplane engines flying in the air will stop working and other vehicles will also be victims!

Things of metal without oxygen will start breaking down and electronic devices will break apart because the metal is connected due to oxidization!

Earth's crust is composed of 45 per cent oxygen, as soon as the oxygen is finished, the crust of the earth will start to break, due to which earthquakes will start coming around and strong and strong buildings will also break apart!

Our body contains about 60% water. Now you will know that the water is made of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom! If oxygen is over, then our body will end water and our bodies will be left alone!

The sea water of oxygen will be converted into hydrogen and hydrogen will go to the sky because of the lowest gas and it will move in space without the ozone layer and will never return from there!

If Earth lost oxygen for 1 minute: With only oxygen in 1 minute, life on Earth will end! By the time when oxygen comes back after 1 minute, everything must have ended! Even after 1 minute, the ozone layer will be rebuilt but water on earth will end forever because the water of hydrogen cannot be formed and hydrogen has already said goodbye to the earth!

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