Sunday, September 30, 2018

Life on Venus

Life on Venus

Earth is the only planet in our solar system, which is the life on its own! If we look back hundreds of years in time, then what is the Earth always being the Habitable Planet? No, Earth has not always been in the Habitable Zone! Recently, according to a NASA study, it is revealed that Venus Planet was the first Habitable Planet of its solar system!

In the present time the planet Venus is like hell because the average temperature of the Venus Planet is 462 degrees Celsius! So much temperature makes Venus the number one in the list of the hottest planets in the solar system. Well, Mercury is closest to the Sun but Venus is the hottest planet because of the thin planet due to the Atmosphere and Green House Effects, despite being the second planet from the Sun! Venus' atmospheric carbon dioxide gas content is high and the top layer is covered with clouds of sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide, due to which the acid rain is always on Venus!

Venus's atmosphere is 92 times higher than Earth! Despite its being so scary, it is considered to be the younger sister of the Earth, because its size is almost the same as Earth because the diameter of Earth is 12742 kilometres and Venus Planet has 12104 kilometres! The mass of the planet Venus is 81 per cent of the Earth's mass and the Venus core is also melted like the Earth!

Even today the planet Mars is like hell, but millions of years ago the temperature of the Venus Planet was like the Earth, and the sea of water was on it too!

Recently, NASA scientists used the computer model system to know about changes in Earth's climate in the future! When he saw the change in the climate in the climate after millions of years in the future with the help of software, the results were shocking! In the future, our earth is going to be the same as that of Venus today and when they saw Venus's climate change in Reverse, Venus went hot because of greenhouse effects!

NASA believes that Venus planet's temperature was similar to Earth 3 billion years ago and on its surface the sea of water was present, but with the increase of heat over time the water started to evaporate and the hydrogen space was over! Increasing the amount of carbon dioxide! The poisonous atmosphere was created! Lava coming out of the volcano filled the empty oceans and trenches!

Crores of years had been in the Venus Planet Habitable Zone, due to which biological organism may have been born!

Water on any planet does not confirm that there is life on that planet, but having a liquid in any form on a planet gives the greater likelihood of Complex Life!

Friends, what do you think is that Venus was in Planet Venus ever habitable zone?

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