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Time Travel

Time Travel 

Time travel is a hypothesis that many people support but there are some people who oppose it! They believe that time travel is impossible! But according to the laws of physics, time travel is possible!

The theory of relativity in physics by the great scientist Albert Einstein, that is, the theory of relativity gave birth to a concept in the world of physics! In the previous post, we had known how it is possible to travel with the speed of light and in this post will know how it is possible to travel time through a black hole.

The speed of time on the celestial bodies present in this infinite universe spreads according to the gravity present there! Wherever there is more gravity, time goes on slow. And where there is less gravity, time goes on fast! It means that time is running at different speeds on all planets of our solar system! Like the time on Mars, it is running faster than Earth! And on the planet, Jupiter is running slow on time!

But this difference of time on all the planets of our solar system is quite modest! If we want to realize this difference of time, then we have to go to such a celestial body whose gravity is more than ten times greater than our Sun! And in the Universe, there are such structures that are affecting a lot of time, one of which is the name of the black hole, which is a natural time machine!

In only the known structures in the universe, only black holes are such structures which have very much gravity so that it turns the light even 360 degrees! Or say that even this light does not let out!

Before going through the black hole, we need to know that why does the time slow down due to gravitational reasons?

Suppose there is a box which is kept in Zero Gravity! Now a light ray comes out from the top of the box, which goes into the bottom of the box! So here it will take some time to get the light from the top of the box to the bottom! Now suppose that the box above increases acceleration that is rising above the accelerating! By accelerating the top of the box again, a light ray leaves and the bottom goes. The thing to note in this case is that the box is moving forward, accelerating! Because of this, a light will have to set a short distance from the top to the bottom, because even if the box's bottom is moving towards the light then this will take less time to reach the light from the top to the bottom! Now suppose that the box's acceleration is bigger, then, in this case, the light will move from top to bottom and fix the distance! Because the bottom of the box itself is moving light and fast enough! Because of this, going from top to bottom will take less time than before! Meaning as the acceleration of the box increases, the time to go from top to bottom of the light will slow down! And let me tell you that acceleration is called gravity! As if the Earth's gravity is 9.8 meters per second! Or say that the acceleration of the Earth is 9.8 meters per second!

I hope now that you have now understood why the time is slow due to Gravity? Meaning of all the celestial objects present in the universe, time is running according to the gravitational presence there! It has been tested too! Because the smartphones in the GPS satellite run faster than the Earth! But this gap of time is as low as one-second-half millionths of a second!

Now, how does the time travel equality with black holes towards the black hole?

In the black hole universe, so many celestial objects have been discovered, a black hole is such a structure that has a density that is very dense. Because of which black holes have a lot of gravity! If something falls inside the black hole, it can never get out of it! Even light! The black hole's gravity is so intense that the time inside the black hole stops! Meaning all the processes of change in it are closed!

Time travel can be done in two ways with a black hole, the first way is to go to a planet located near the black hole! Because the planet's black hole may have been running at half the speed compared to the Earth because of its existence! That is, if someone lives on that planet for 10 years, then 20 years have passed on the earth! And the second way of traveling from the black hole to time is to make a spaceship that can roam the black hole orbit! There is one thing to note here that black holes also have a security limitation which is called the point of no return! Meaning of the black hole, the spaceship in the outside of the point of no return, and if it is in the black hole orbits for 10 years, then 20 years will pass on the earth! And when the time passenger returns to Earth, Will find 10 years ahead in the future!

But in time this journey will be one way! Once in the future, you can not return! But the biggest problem for traveling from black hole to time is that we have the closest Black Hole 1600 light years away from us! So, the time that travel can be left incomplete here? I do not believe! There are more such theories by which time travel is possible!

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