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Is there life in other galaxies ?

Is there life in other galaxies?

The Great Filter Theory and Fermi Paradox: Why we haven’t met any aliens yet

The Great Filter Theory and Fermi Paradox: Why We Have not met any aliens yet
The Great Filter and Fermi Paradox: Whenever we see stars glowing in the sky in the darkness of the night, there is only one thought in mind that we are alone in this universe. Or any civilization (aliens) like us on some other planet! Spanning over 90 billion light-years, over 100 billion galaxies exist in this Observable Universe, and every galaxy has 100 to 1000 billion stars! Now we see only the sky Ganga Mandakini, it has more than 100 billion stars in it, now suppose that out of these 100 billion stars, only 1% stars have habitable planets! According to this, only more than 1 billion habitable planets will exist in your galaxy! Now it is assumed that only 1% of these 1 billion habitable planets exist on planet planets, even then there will be 10 million such planets in their Galaxy! According to the Drake equation, there are 40 billion planets in our galaxy of Ganga which can be life!

Now it is a matter of thinking that till now we were just talking about our little sky Ganges Mandakini! There are more than 100 billion galaxies in this entire universe, many billions of galaxies are so many, which are many times more than Milky way! Now the question is that despite the possibility of being aliens in this universe, why are we still alone? And why did not we get so far from the aliens even after so much development?
This question was raised by Enrico Fermi in 1950 that after all the possibility of having aliens in the universe is so much, why have we not yet been able to contact anybody with aliens? And this question became known as Fermi Paradox!

Scientists divide any civilization into three parts according to the progress of that civilization Type-1 Civilization, Type-2 Civilization, and Type-3 Civilization,
Type-1 Civilization is a civilization that is technically so developed that it can exploit the energy of its entire planet!
Type-2 Civilization is the civilization whose technique is so developed that it can exploit the energy of its entire solar system!

And type-3 civilization is the civilization that can exploit the entire galaxy's energy! And that sky can travel from one end of the Ganges to the other end! Right now we are moving fast towards becoming type-1 civilization!

13.7 billion years ago this universe began and about 13.4 billion years ago our galaxy was made of a galaxy! After one to two billion years, habitable planets began to be created!
Our earth is only 4.5 billion years old, it is very likely that before our earth was formed in the past, life on other planets has already flourished! And those civilizations on other planets have yet to be Type 2 or Type 3 Civilization!

Now the question is if the type 2 or type 3 civilization exists in the universe, why have not they contacted us yet or the alien civilizations have been destroyed so far!

The Great Filter

According to The Great Filter Theory, no civilization can progress only to some extent, because the growing civilizations have to face many obstacles such as natural disaster or man-made disasters such as nuclear war or any other incident!

Such extremes either completely destroy the civilizations that are fully evolving or technically push the civilization thousands of years back from where they have to start everything again.

This is because the modernization of any civilization can be a danger to other civilizations, therefore, it is natural to end all civilizations after a period of time. For this reason, perhaps there is no alien civilization left on any nearby planet that can contact us or we can contact them!

Now there is a question that if The Great Filter Theory is really true, then how far are we far from the Great Filter? Let's know its answer!

For any civilization Great Filter can come at any time there are 4 Cases of Great Filter for us!


We have already passed The Great Filter! If we look back in history, technically highly advanced civilizations have already ruled the earth, whose evidence we can see today, like the civilization of the Maya, the civilization of the Indus Valley, the civilization of Greece etc. But due to The Great Filter, all those civilizations collapsed for some reason and we have started our civilization again, we are safe now because we have gone through the Great Filter!


Maybe we have been very close to the Great Filter, and in the coming years, the nuclear war boys have destroyed themselves or technically go back thousands of years!


The Great Filter may have come from a hundred or even thousands of years since it may be that we have not developed so much that we can harm the citizens of another planet!


The Great Filter may not work for us, and we will always develop like this and the expansion of the human race will be done in the entire Galaxy and we become Type 3 Civilization!

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