Sunday, September 23, 2018

Humans are not from the earth a scientific evaluation of the evidence

Humans are not from the earth a scientific evaluation of the evidence

Human Alien Hypothesis: Are We Human Alien? It may sound strange even though it may be true! So far, we have no concrete evidence about the origins of the human race! According to the theory of Darwin we have evolved from monkeys but the question is why are monkeys still on the earth? Why did not they grow in humans? Whatever may be, the theory of Darwin may be true, but there is also a theory that claims that humans are not native to Earth!

Dr. Ellis Silver has given some arguments in his book Humans are not from Earth, pointing out that we are not native to the Earth! According to Alice Silver, the human race has not developed like other species on Earth!
Man is the most intelligent creature of this planet which is very much developed, but still, the human race has to face more problems than other species in the atmosphere of the earth!

Like back pain, in all the species present on earth humans are a species that has to face back pain! According to Alice Silver, the human species has initially developed on such a human-alien planet where the gravitational force is reduced!

At the time of birth, the head of human children is bigger due to which sometimes both mother and child die giving birth, but there is no such incident with any other species on earth!

Humans have not been able to bear the sun's strong sunlight! We can not tolerate human incubation for a long time, but other species such as lizards, etc., suffer from sunlight without any problems!

The eyes of the human being can not bear the bright light, as soon as we see the bright light, we become dazzling, but other species like birds etc continue to fly happily even in the sunlight.

All the creatures on earth shield themselves in the changing environment of the Earth, but we humans try to stay in the artificial atmosphere! We try to make the atmosphere according to our every season!

Almost every species on the Earth is aware of natural disasters, but we can not find human disasters so intelligent and evolving!

According to Sleep Researchers, our body is made not for 24 hours but for 25 hours!
Almost every organism on earth has many species but no other species of humans exists!
Now the question is, if we have not developed on earth then where have we come from?

According to Dr. Ellis Silver, we have evolved on another planet and a very advanced civilization has left us here! It can be exactly the same as we leave a species of the Earth on some other planet! Human Alien Hypothesis

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