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How earth was born

How earth was born

Let's see history: How would we be able to see our ancestors in the past? How would we see the Egyptian Pyramids being formed? How would we see dinosaurs? Often our desire is that we can see our departed times, but the fact is that it is not possible to do this!

Well, there is a way that we can see the times of the earth. We (We can see past) but it would be just an imagination because practically it would be impossible to do this but we humans are free to think anything, even if we have our own imagination Could not change in reality but we can imagine it! So let me and you together imagine a science fictional and see the time passed by the earth!

Let's See History of the Earth

Before drowning in the ocean of your imagination, I want to clear a concept of you that we always live in past and always watch past (we always see past) and listen to past only! Whatever the fastest in this world, the light whose speed is about 300,000 kilometres per second! With this speed, the earth can be rotated in 1 second of the second!

What we see in this world is the light of that thing which takes some time to reach out to our eyes, as if a band is standing at 1 meter distance from you, then you will see that band three nano Watch in seconds past because the light coming out of that band takes time to 3.3 nanoseconds to reach your eyes!

You do not see the presence of anything in this whole universe, but you see that light coming out in the past as you see the sun, if the Sun is 149.6 million kilometres away from the Sun, then the light from the Sun to the Earth It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to fix this distance! That means you see the sunlight on the earth 3 minutes before sunset 20 seconds ago, meaning you are looking past 8 minutes 20 seconds before the sun!

Similarly, when the moon is 384400 km away from us, we see the past 1.3 seconds before the moon and we see the planet Mars in 14 minutes, meaning it will take 14 minutes to give a command to the rover on planet Mars. ! We see stars in the night, which is thousands of light years away from us, that is, we see the light coming out of their thousands of years ago, which is reaching us after thousands of years, meaning that we are seeing thousands of years past stars Are you

Even what we feel in our body is also the last, as if the injury in the foot, the foot injury signals, some nanoseconds take seconds to reach the mind, meaning that our brain hurt the foot Some nano scopes experience past seconds ago!

Perhaps now your concept will have been cleared that we always look at Past We always see past and experience past only we always feel past.

Let's go now and see the sea of your imagination and the time passed by the earth!

Let's See History of the Earth
If we see the Earth through a telescope from a planet of our neighbouring Star Proxima Century, then we will be able to see the time passed by Earth 4.2 years ago because Proxima Century is 4.2 light years away from the Earth, hence the light from the Earth can reach Proxima Century Will take 4.2 years!

If we want to pin the smallest thing on the earth from here, then we will need a very large telescope for this if the diameter of our telescope's lens will be 250 lakh kilometers, then everything we have 4.2 years ago Will is able to see clearly! Even you can clearly observe yourself too!

If we look at Earth from a star's planets far away from 2000 Light Years, then we will be able to see the time passed by the Earth 2000 years ago, but to give a pin point to every person on earth, we have 11 billion kilometers of diameter telescope Will mean our Telescope's diameter will be as big as our solar system! With such a large telescope we will be able to see the Romans and other indigenous civilizations rule!

If we look at our Earth from our neighboring Galaxy Andromeda, then we will be able to see the time of Earth's 250,000 years ago! But if we want to pin everything on earth, we will need a telescope of 15 trillion kilometer diameter, meaning that our telescope diameter will be 1.6 light years! When we look at the earth, we will see that our ancestors are making their own tools of stone and are living their lives by hunting! From the Andromeda Galaxy, we will also be able to see our Milky Way Galaxy that how far our Galaxy looks!

Now let's go a little further and see our earth with a bigger Galaxy Ngc6872, which is 5 times bigger than our Milky Way Galaxy and it is 212 million light years away from us! If we want to point every single animal on the planet to the Pin Point, then we need 132 light years Diameter telescope!

When we see the Earth, we will see a different look of the Earth! Today there are many continents on Earth, but 212 million years ago, we will be able to see only one continent and that will be Penguin and we will be able to see Dinosaurs who are ruling the Panagia Continent!

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