Sunday, September 23, 2018

Future Human

Future Human

Humanity has made remarkable progress in the past few thousand years, people using stones tools and utensils have reached the moon today and are planning to settle down on the planet Mars! In these past years, humanity has had to go through bad times many times like natural disasters and World Wars etc. Today we are in the 21st century and after surviving such calamities, our species are still alive on this planet! But now the question is, how will humanity reach future in future? And from now on 1000 years later what will be the view of this world? No one can predict what is going to happen in future, no one can even tell what is going to happen 100 years from now. But in spite of this, scientists and futurists imagine the 31st century, that is, after 1000 years! Let's know that according to them, what would be the world's view of 1000 years later? future Earth 1000 years from now

If we do not fight any world war in the coming 1000 years, neither should we be attacked by an aliens or victims of a zombie attack and after 1000 years we can still keep artificial intelligence in our control and for 1000 years If we do not bump into any devastating asteroid, then in the coming 1000 years we will have Type-1 Civilization in view of the technological growth of the present! After Type 1 consolation, events like natural calamities will last for days! Because after becoming Type 1 Civilization we will be able to challenge natural calamities!

future Earth In the 18th century, the average age of people used to be 37 years but in today's era, our average age is about 70 years! But now after 1000 years, there will be so much advancement in the medical field that with the help of nanotechnology and biotechnology, people will be able to survive for a long time, because at that time, thousands of nanobots will be working in our body, which purifies blood by killing the body as deadly diseases like cancer. Will save you from aging!

After 1000 years, we will make progress in the technical field but will also bring the future of the earth to darkness, because after 1000 years, we will populate the earth over and by that time we will have finished the entire natural resources of the earth due to which We have to leave the earth or live on another alien planet in another solar system! But our first choice will be Mars! The transportation technology of that time will develop so much that the journey from one planet to the planet can be completed in just a few hours!

The world of the future is the world of machines! At that time we would be living with machines and the machines would be doing all our work! After 1000 years, our biggest challenge will be food because at that time there will be an artificial atmosphere on other planets, which will cause food to be prepared in an artificial manner! What we eat today is far better than eating 1000 years later!

After 1000 years, we will be called human, not human, because at that time we will merge the machines into our bodies to increase the power of our body! At that time the technology will be worthwhile that we will be able to download the data of our brains to a hard disk and keep it safe for a long time!

Friends, I ask you, what do you imagine the world of 1000 years from now? Is the future of the future better or is it going to be a good one?

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