Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Does God Exist

Does God Exist?

 Does God Exist? Should anybody believe in God if we are God? Is there any proof of God being in existence? This is the question that has been the subject of debate for years. This question is being discussed today and this question will remain the subject of debate even in the future!

Does God Exist: If you talk about common sense, then God seems to exist (God Exists). But as soon as we see this world with science, it seems that there is no such thing as God (God does not exist)! Now the question is whether God exists or does not God Exist? Let's try to know!

Whatever you see around you such as mobile phones, your home, computer, aeroplane, robots, big buildings, electric bulbs, Taj Mahal, this is a non-ending list. The invention of all these did not happen automatically, The creation of all these creatures is the most intelligent species of the earth, that is the hand of humans! Our scientists have achieved these successes after hard work and face many failures and have delivered these things to us!

Now let's see what we humans have not created, but it is the nature of nature like trees, mountains, rivers, ocean, air, water, animal, and we humans themselves create such a beautiful nature by ourselves. Gaya or the creation of it is the hand of a wise creature (God)?

Before we talk about such a big nature, we talk about our small but complex body! We humans have become so perfect that it does not seem that it is a coincidence! Our heart which keeps the blood constantly pumping in the whole body! Our brain that controls the body of the whole body! Our eyes that can see the look of this beautiful nature and see 7 to 10 million colours in 10 parts of 1 second!

What advantage do those ears in nature if we have no ears to listen to? What would be the smell and fragrance in nature if we had no nose to travel? What are the benefits of temperature in nature if we can not feel cold and hot? Now, what is the biggest advantage of sunlight if the earth is not, or what is the use of this universe to exist if we do not exist? It does not understand whether we are made for nature or nature for us or it is all coincidental! Think once you see what would happen if our hearts did not exist or what would have been if we had no brains! It was just the matter of the human body! There are so many species on earth that do not know that we are attached to nature just like humans! Who made all this so precise? Is this all made of coincidence?

Today, we see this beautiful nature and life far and wide on this earth, it would not have existed at all if the Earth revolves around its axis a little bit faster or slows slightly because the storm surge increases and the slow turn of the day At the time the temperature was very high and at night the temperature would be very low!

Who made the Earth perfectly?
If the size of the earth was slightly larger then free hydrogen increased, due to which the life was impossible if the size of Earth was small, then due to the low Gravity, it was impossible to create the Atmosphere!


The Earth is rotating around the Sun at a speed of 67000 miles per hour, if the speed was slightly more then the Earth would have left the Sun's Orit and ran away and if the Earth's speed was less then it would have ended in the Sun itself. Was

If the Earth was a little further away from the Sun, then it becomes very cool and it gets frozen and if it was close to the sun then everything would burn on it! Is this planet just a coincidence?

Can we make a sim biotic factory? What is this symbiotic factory? Let's first understand this!

Suppose two factories are A and B! The waste product that comes out of a factory works as a raw material for the B factory and which is a B factory's waste product, serves as a raw material for the A factory! Sim biotic factory looks just like science fantasy for us, but nature is doing its job well!

Every time we breathe, it is oxygen and we release carbon dioxide but tree plants absorb the same carbon dioxide and give us oxygen! This is Perfect Example of Sim Biotic Factory! Is Nature doing its job by coincidence!

According to science, there are four forces in nature: Electromagnetic, Week nuclear force, Strong nuclear force, Gravity! Nature has been running its rules properly and has been working for billions of years, which has not yet changed at all, are these rules made only by coincidence?

Nobel prize winner Richard Fannman had said "why nature is mathematical is a mystery, the fact that there are rules on all kind of miracle".

If you talk about common sense, it seems that nature has been designed so beautifully by a designer, and by an organizer, the entire universe has been mathematical organized and rules of this universe have been made by any law maker. Like Gravity! If there is a designer

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