Sunday, September 23, 2018

Black knight satellite

Black knight satellite

Black Knight Satellite, a mysterious satellite, whose secret is still unresolved! Although the scientists have so far established thousands of satellites in the orbit of the Earth, Black Knight is a satellite which is claimed to be a 13,000-year-old satellite that is still rotating in Earth's Polar Orbit! Many people believe that this is Alien Satellite, whose secret has been hiding NASA and government for the last 80 years!

In the last few decades, an unknown thing has been seen floating in the sky, but no one knows why it is you in the unknown object space? Let's know about this mysterious thing in detail!

It is believed that this mysterious thing was first discovered by Nikola Tesla! In 1999, when Nikola Tesla was examining the distribution of electricity wirelessly! During the test, Tesla got an unknown signal coming from the space! An unknown signal was coming from space again and again! Tesla felt that the signal was being sent by an unknown alien civilization and that signal was coming from Mars but later he came to know that the signal was not coming from Mars but from another place in space!

After this discovery of Tesla in 1927, when a civil engineer Jürgen Old Oslo was listening to Shortwave Transmission on a radio receiver in Norway, he noticed that his signals are reflecting again and again! He did not know what he was, but his signals were coming back after reflection in the interval of 3 to 15 seconds!

After this, the reflection of signals was re-detected during some experiments in 1928 and 1930! These incidents have confused and unanswered the scientists!

The Black Knight Satellite was a hot topic in 1954 when UFO Researcher Donald Kehoe reported that the US Air Force has detected 2 satellites in Earth Orbit! The most interesting thing was that at that time the technology of any country was not so developed that any country could launch a satellite in space!

After that Black Knight Satellite was re-detected in 1907, 1963 and 1973! In 1998, the first Visual Evidence of this Satellite was revealed!

The picture you see on your screen is that big object which is known as Black Knight Satellite!

This mysterious object disappears for many years and suddenly it comes out again! Many people believe that this is an alien satellite, that the aliens have established in the orbit of our earth! On the other hand, some people also believe that advance people before us have already lived on this earth and if they have launched this satellite only then some people consider Black Knight Satellite just to be rumoured! No one knows what the truth of this satellite is!

Friends, what do you think is that Black Knight Satellite is a fairytale story of people or is this Mysterious Object really turning the Earth into the Polar Orbit?

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